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Let me just pause a minute and drink in this moment. And if you film it, I’ll be able to get free refills for life.

Jarod Kintz

Votary Media is a team of artists, visionaries and filmmakers, all focused on crafting compelling stories with eye-catching visuals. We set ourselves apart by not only looking to craft beauty into our work, but finding the soul of the stories we tell.

Whether it’s a 30 sec commercial or a feature length documentary, we try to practice what we preach, which is that every story should be told with authenticity & excellence. We not only want to help you reach your target audience through what you do, but engage them with why you do it.

Film Production

We realize that when looking to make a film, it can be challenging to specify what you’re individual needs may be, which is why we try to clearly list every kind of film we offer. This list is a good overview, but honestly, what really compares to having a real life, sit down conversation?


Cinematic Documentary style with a focus on why a company does what it does.


A short documentary about an inspiring story. Usually 2-to-10 Minutes, this type of film is very helpful for showing the heart of a company’s culture and the good it’s attempting to do in the world.


Anywhere from 60-120 Minutes, this long form style is best used to show the truth-in-story. This can be powerful for a brand or non-profit to help sponsor when it played a truthful part of the story.


A scripted short film designed to emotionally engage an intended marketing with an message aligned with company culture and beliefs.


This type of video can range from tame-to-outrageous depending on the desired effect. Usually very short and involving some visual trickery. Examples:


A scripted 30 or 60 second spot designed to engage a particular market with a particular message.


Often a mix of docu-style interviews and supporting B-roll, this type of video is designed to show real people with real emotions about the subject matter.


Sometimes the easiest way of conveying the solution to a problem is with a short animation.


As the name suggests, training videos are used as material to teach a class, workshop, or most frequently used inside a company to teach employees.


One of our broadest categories. Events range from College Graduations, to Work Anniversaries, which can range in length from a catchy highlights reels to a long form capture of entire events.
Looking for weddings? We’d love to direct you to our sister company JOINEDFILMS


Get a taste of what we do and view some the most recent projects we’ve worked on.


We believe that before even talking about what we do or can provide, the most important thing is making a personal connection. We want to get to know you, and for you to get to know us.

entrepreneur. visionary. director. father. problem solver.

Jed Burdick
Exec Producer

director. editor. aerial cinematographer. film student.

Albert Rano
DP / Aerial Cinematographer

perceptive. future-thinking. marketer. traveler.

Fern Ponce

visual thinker. shooter. editor. thinks he’s a rebel.

Jamin Burdick
Director / Editor

charismatic. writer. music enthusiast. trendsetter. mustache.

Mike Palumbo
Director / Producer

The secret weapon. multilingual. prankster. philanthroper

Francisco Galarza

director. blogger. online content creator. hair.

Talin Avakian
Director / Producer

initiative taker. film buff. baseball nerd. black metal. 🤘🏻

Benjamin Farber
Director / Producer

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